UPDATE, March 12th 2020: 2020 Nonprofit Technology Conference has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus outbreak. Stay tuned for more details – live webinar coming soon.

We at 3Advance are excited to announce we will be speaking with AARP Foundation at NTEN’s NTC 2020 conference in Baltimore. The two sessions we are speaking on are AI & BI: Make Your Job Easier With Data Science, and Apps for Your Most Important Asset — Your People. In these sessions we will share how Apps and Data science can really help your non-profit. Check out the details for both sessions below!

Apps for Your Most Important Asset — Your People.


Hosted by Lacy McDowell of AARP Foundation and Paul Murphy of 3Advance at 1:45pm March 24th.

People are the lifeblood of every organization. All too often, volunteers and employees on the front-line are overwhelmed by administrative burdens and endless mundane tasks. Hear lessons learned at AARP Foundation, and learn how to design and invest in tools that allow those responsible for implementing the mission of an organization to flourish. The results can be spectacular – better employee retainment, huge time-savings, happy volunteers that want to continue your mission and ultimately massive cost savings.

AI & BI: Make Your Job Easier With Data Science.


Hosted by Dr. Colin O’Callaghan of 3Advance and Lacy McDowell of AARP Foundation at 10:30am March 25th.

Organizations have more data than ever, and when analyzed it can be incredibly powerful. However, it’s often hard to know where to start or even to know what data you have. There are excellent business intelligence (BI) tools available to automatically collect and visualize this data. This session will introduce the most popular BI tools with a practical comparison, We will explain all that is needed to research your data: how to securely extract, combine and visualize for analysis and report sharing. We will explain what Data Science is and identify AI techniques that can leverage the power of your data.

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