Today is the Nats’ first home game of the season so DarrenDanJason and I are off to the ballpark, to watch some baseball, drink some beer – but most of all to hit the streets and spread the word about the greatest sports game ever developed – our InGame Fantasy Baseball app.

What Dan invented. What Darren and I created. What Jason – and Rob, and Mark and the entire 3Advance team have sweated over again and again and again is simply incredible. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s hard work. It’s frustrating. It’s painful… It only has a few hundred active users… It needs more love. It needs awareness. It needs time. It needs money… We process every single pitch of the season, and every data mistake we’re fed; every ripple it causes, we must overcome. It’s almost time for NFL InGame, and Golf too.

But back to the game….

The game is not just a daily fantasy sports app. It’s a window into the future. It’s an interactive experience that enables every important action in a live sporting event to play out in your virtual game. It scores like the real sport, and it’s playable all afternoon and every evening till October. If baseball’s on the screen – and you know it is – this means we’re live. And that means either with real-money – or simply for pure fun and entertainment – you can pick up and play, and become the real-life manager of all players getting up to bat across the MLB. You gotta play it to believe it.

The game we love is not just this unfulfilled masterpiece we’re screaming loudly about. This game we endure, and the hard work we put in every single day is because we truly love creating things we believe in. There is no project we have ever EVER worked on at 3Advance that we haven’t busted our asses on, and we are so damn lucky to have played a part in these creations. We are. But to be fully fair… Our entrepreneurs are pretty damn lucky to have found us too.

This game we play is one that puts us out on the field beside actual game-changers, risk-takers, and yes, visionaries… I was laughed at once for using that word to describe one of the founders we work with. But this is exactly what these people are… Dan of Fanamana. Alexof TwentyTablesJames & Hewitt of TeambuildrAaron of HSA CoachIan of PiedmontBryce and Skip of TBox Tour…

Today we’re passing out flyers ourselves because more people need to know about Fanamana. We haven’t done it yet – simple and cheap with likely a small pay-off. But it’s another number and another lesson, one that gets us right where we need to be anyway, in the heart of it all. We’ll celebrate a little of what we’ve accomplished, and we’ll talk a lot about what we haven’t. We’ll keep fighting the good fight. Someone will be smart enough, and yeah – wealthy enough, to stand up and get behind us, to lead the round.

And before, during and after all that happens, every one of the other fine folks who decide to work with us will learn from the lessons of our successes and our failures. We’ll prepare, we’ll stay organized and we’ll take the field. Every. Single. Time.

Let’s play ball.

If you are an investor, or you know anyone, with experience in the sports/gaming/entertainment space, and want to learn about Fanamana’s (InGame Fantasy) outlook and first outside round of funding (closing early Summer 2018), please reach out to us for more information on this app.

If you are a founder and are searching for the tech team that will move mountains for you, then please get in touch with me or visit