Launch Alert: Sue Bryce Education Apps Developed to Stream the Portrait Masters Conference Globally

The 2nd annual The Portrait Masters Conference + Expo kicked off yesterday, and although it was sold out weeks ago, that wouldn’t stop the 10,000 global audience of Sue Bryce Education (SBE) enjoying the show. The industry’s most respected photographers and educators descended on Phoenix Arizona, while we tuned in on the apps we developed here in Washington DC.

Under Promise. Over-Deliver.

When 3Advance began developing an iOS app for Sue Bryce Education, the promise was a pre-release beta iPhone app for some of their most dedicated users to ‘test out the experience’. Fast forward just six weeks later, and not only does Mark Evans and his iOS team successfully get the iPhone app through Beta and to the AppStore, but Rob Cooks steps up to the bat, and knocks it right out of the park too. The excellent SBE Android app hit the shelves in the Play store before the ink was even dry on our contract three weeks before. Both apps were released to the public a week before the conference began, and of course, thanks to a stellar community and the incredible Sue Bryce marketing team, the app has been downloaded thousands of times with a perfect response:

You can’t get these kind of real-life organic reviews without a brand, a product, a startup team and a community ready and waiting (begging sometimes) for the mobile experience to compliment the current offering. All we really did was add some salt to a delicious meal already leaving the kitchen.

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