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Two years into the pandemic, Apple has launched a solution to allow iPhone users to authenticate using Face ID while wearing a mask. Spotify has joined forces with Stripe to empower creators on its platform. The digital health platform PocDoc has launched the world’s first smartphone cardiovascular test. And Propy uses NFTs for real estate and shows how smart contracts can solve real-world problems.

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🎬 Takes

🥸 📱 Apple – Face ID Can Authenticate While User Is Wearing a Mask

Face masks and Face ID, it was always going to be a problem, right? Not any longer as Apple has launched beta testing of a new iOS 15.4 feature that uses the area around the eyes alone to authenticate with Face ID. For many, this will be a huge sigh of relief, allowing them to hit the gym, grab a coffee, or make a call without taking off their mask. Sure, you can always enter a pin, but a lot of folks prefer using biometric identification for their device security, and this update from Apple gives them some extra peace of mind in the pandemic. It should also end the trend of people wearing face masks that look like their own faces, which some iPhone users tried leading to predictably weird results. #FaceIDWithMask Read more here.

💳 🎙️ Stripe – Spotify Partners to “Power the Creator Economy”

Stripe, the online payments software company, is on a mission to empower creators, and it has reeled in a big fish in the shape of Spotify. The two companies have buddied up to help Spotify’s podcasters accept payments, launch recurring revenue streams, and forge a deeper connection with fans. Stripe will also help with Spotify’s new Podcast Subscriptions feature. It follows a trend from other platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, in creating subscription features to reward creators. If you haven’t heard of Stripe, it’s a pretty big deal in tech circles, and you’ve likely interacted with it without knowing it. Their goal is to build the economic structure of the internet, including making it easier for creators to get paid 💰 and for fans to reward 🏅 the right people. #SpotifyPodcastersGetStripe Read more here.

💓 📱 PocDoc – Launch of World’s First Smartphone Cardiovascular Test

We love this story! PocDoc, a digital health platform, is launching the world’s first smartphone test to detect heart problems. The WHO estimates around 18 million people die each year from heart disease, and early detection can be crucial. The smartphone test involves five stages, including downloading the PocDoc app and pricking your finger for a blood test, but you should get your results in about six minutes. We don’t have a huge amount of information on the specifics right now as final trials are still being carried out in the UK’s NHS hospitals, but it is hoped the app and test can be launched by Spring 2022. 👏 👏 Great job, PocDoc – we can’t wait to hear more on this one! #SmartphoneHeartTest Read more here.

🧐 Stat of the Week — HBO 46.8 Million Subscribers

Last week we reported on Netflix’s subscriber numbers going on a downward trend, joining a list of pandemic “winners” – Peloton, Zoom, Roku – who have all hit a wall. But HBO Max has bucked the trend by reaching almost 46.8 million subscribers in America alone. It still trails Netflix, but remember that HBO Max only launched in May 2020 and isn’t available in regions like the UK yet. The consensus is that people are willing to pay if the content is right. So whether it’s rewatching Game of Thrones or catching up with Carrie and the girls in And Just Like That, HBO Max seems to be giving the people what they want. #HBOBucksTrend Read more here.

🕸️ What’s dAppening?

🏠 🤝 Propy – Blockchain Startup Platform to Sell Real-World Property as NFTs

This is a good story for anyone skeptical about NFTs and their real-world uses. Propy is a blockchain startup that uses smart contracts and NFT technology to solve issues with real estate transactions. In short, you’ll buy or sell a property with the help of Propy and have the legal and transactional information stored on an NFT-based blockchain. In theory, this should reduce some of the costs (lawyers, agents) and red tape associated with buying a home. And due to the security of the blockchain ledger, Propy can even help with issues like wire fraud. Web3 is all about cutting out intermediaries, and Propy is an example of how that can be done with tangible results. They’ve just gotten started in the US, but we think this idea will blow up and persuade skeptics that NFTs are about more than Bored Apes. #RealEstateNFTs Read more here.

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