We recently made our first big investment in AI – we now offer Big Data, Data Science & Machine Learning consulting. Learn why we’re doing this, and why it might be time you did the same.

On a Friday afternoon in June 2007, Darren spun his monitor around and pulled up a video of this futuristic phone Apple was about to drop. At the time, my interest in tech had dipped and I admitted I had no idea this was coming. But I watched the video. And we watched it again. Darren, half-joking, asked if we should skip work and go get one. It was a Friday, it was sunny, and spontaneity is my weakness, so an hour later we’re standing outside AT&T with a whole bunch of other geeks waiting for a toy that would change the world.

It took me three years and a Green Card to do what I should have done earlier — quit my job, and go out on my own. The App Store had opened, and I wanted to be making apps, not just websites. The train was already moving, and I wanted on it.

Fast-forward to 2019. The mobile app development company I started has built about 50 apps, and the latest iPhones are AI freaks. These super-fast pocket rockets make power-hungry machine learning (ML) algorithms run at lightning speed — you won’t even notice those amazing photographic effects being processed. IOS even includes access to Apple’s neural engine through Core ML, while Google’s ML Kit performs the magic on Android. What this means is that mobile developers (like the team here at 3Advance I spent the last nine years creating) can use artificial intelligence within our apps really easily.

I truly believe that everything we create will soon touch AI and machine learning — every network and every process where data is being collected or shared in any form — if it’s not doing so already. AI is not just a buzzword and ML is not a fad. Your car may not be driving itself, but in the next few years it will be keeping you safe, and hopefully with a bit of regulation, these intelligent safety systems will be standard in every single new car, electric or not.

Everyone should be thinking about how to use artificial intelligence in their web and mobile business apps. Large organizations with a lot of data should be using machine learning for recognizing patterns, predicting activity, and automating processes that take too damn long. Startups should, at the very least, track their data in ways that machine learning can be used later, because if it’s not a data game now, it will be. And if you’re an entrepreneur with a business you’re immersed in, I bet you’ve got some ideas about where you could apply some of this wonderful new tech to make your business more valuable now, and later.

So back to 3Advance. On May 1st, we did something we haven’t done before. We hired for a position before sales demanded it. We’re investing in an area of expertise that our clients may not have asked for but they’ve certainly thought about. Enter Dr. Colin O’Callaghan, PhD in theoretical and computational physics from Trinity College Dublin. Colin is a data scientist and an expert in big data analysis and advanced machine learning techniques. He brings to 3Advance a unique ability and focus that will allow us to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence to the business applications we’re developing today.

So what exactly do I mean? What problems can AI solve? What can your data be used for? How can ML help you rise up? We asked ourselves these questions with a few of our clients in mind, and here’s some of what we’re allowed to talk about. 😉

  • Advanced image processing and automatic object detection for further gamifying amateur golf.
  • Real-time statistics calculation for performance reports.
  • Complex pattern recognition for predictive analytics in project scheduling, football game scores, and sports science.
  • Social media sentiment analysis.
  • Trend identification in sales data and customer interaction.

If you’re interested in engaging 3Advance for an AI Investigation Sprint, get in touch today. Colin and the team will help analyze your data, identify patterns where they exist, and test out ML-powered automation for proof-of-concept and beyond. So let’s take the leap together. Get on this train before it leaves the station.

3Advance is an app development company in Washington DC that helps startups, non-profits, and other businesses turn great ideas into beautiful, simple mobile and desktop apps. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create a better way forward for your business, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.