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Our mission is to empower entrepreneurial leaders, and with our passion for technology, bring their vision to life.

3Advance Mission Statement

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

- Aristotle, sometime before the iPhone was released, talking about the 3Advance team.
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy
Principal & Founder
Darren Gibney
Darren Gibney
Partner & Architect
Jorge Neyra
Jorge Neyra
Full-Stack Developer
Chloe Eardley
Chloë Eardley
Interface Designer
Mark Evans
Mark Evans
iOS Developer
Rob Cook
Rob Cook
Android Developer
Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens
Frontend Developer
Vik Reddy
Vik Reddy
Project Coordinator

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3Advance is a tight-knit development team with headquarters in Washington DC. We are a friendly group of passionate techies. We take great pride in our applications being truly useful and refreshingly useable. The majority of the team is technical, with design and creative strategy bolstering the years of experience we’ve enjoyed in custom application development.

We make it work for our team. By valuing family and personal preference of location and work schedule, we allow each team member to create the environment that most suits them, and enables them to thrive. Empowerment breeds creativity, a real love for the work, and inevitably the very best end-product for our clients.

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We develop consumer-facing web and mobile apps, and enterprise-level database management applications. With a primary focus on user-experience, we design user interfaces for any platform, all served by standardized, secure APIs.

We work closely with our clients at every stage of product development, from pre-funding strategy, wireframing and prototyping, branding and design, and through to the development and release of user-facing products. We move forward together through agile, iterative product testing and ongoing app development and support.

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We pride ourselves in using the best tools for the job, and keeping ourselves interested and informed about the latest technology and platform advances.

We’re all about the cloud. Our background in C# ASP.Net and SQL makes the Microsoft Azure Cloud the obvious, yet fantastic choice. This provides a range of scale suitable for audiences of every size and complexity, and our Microsoft connections enable us to secure Bizspark access for all our startup clients. The nTiered architecture and patterns we employ are well researched and continually evolve. Our RESTful JSON web-services provide the data interface to all our client applications, usually developed with Angular.js (web), Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) to provide the most native - best - experience possible.

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Our Core Values

We are honest and straight-up. We prioritize advice over sales, believing what goes around, comes around.

We choose clients we believe in. We are inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit - be it a startup founder or an individual within an organization - putting it all on the line to make their world better.

We are strongest as a team. Relationships matter, and our team matters most. We thrive on trust and respect, and strive to earn this trust from the outset.

We have a passion for technology and build applications that we’d be excited to maintain. We take great pride not just in our final product, but in the underlying code.

We never stop learning, and continually strive to improve - in process, technology, empowerment and diversity.

We believe that we prosper when our clients prosper, and our clients prosper when their users prosper... Hence, 3Advance.

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