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AI & LLM Engineering ✨

The AI revolution has shifted the power dynamics in business and tech, unlocking opportunities for non-techies to explore their ideas and then make change happen. Every business will be an AI business, and 3Advance is helping forward thinking entrepreneurs take the leap.

The pace of change is rapid. Our AI examples are growing all the time, so contact us for latest work.

GPT Powered User Experience

The AI-powered user experience acts as a procrastination killer, with integration of ChatGPT's API deployed to address users engage. The intuitive tailored interface streamlines app onboarding and leads to increased rewards and engagement throughout the app. Learn more.

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News Analysis & Classification

Now powered with multimodal LLMs and Langsmith, each uploaded PDF is processed, summarized, and categorized - enabling translation of global papers, extraction and feed of the day's headlines, a wordcloud for trending news, and a relevance ranking of first amendment freedoms. Check it out live.

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Text-to-Speech & Voice-Cloning

Starting with our AI Prototyping Sprint, the concept was proven using Retool, ChatGPT and WellSaid Labs for self voice recording and cloning. This novel app (in stealth mode - ask for a demo) is now being developed for mass-market using refined tooling integrated with the Speechify API and fully programmed LLMs.

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Experiments & Insights_

Check out some of our GPTs below, or better still listen to (or watch) our Podcast where this season it's all about GPTs and their creators. We spotlight innovators who are using the GPT Store to launch MVPs, test new possibilities with Generative AI, and amass users for their startups. Talk to us today if you want help with a GPT or you're ready to turn that prompt into a product.

Meeting Debrief Interview

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This GPT will interview you as soon as you're finished a meeting so, while it's still fresh in your mind, a summary and follow-ups can be generated, and even sent to Google Calendar so you retrieve it later.

Add to Calendar

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Generates Google Calendar creation links for events, reservations, schedules etc. Just copy and paste, or snap a photo of a confirmation email or webpage and the GPT will instantly return clickable links. No calendar authentication required!

App Cost Calculator

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How much does an app cost? This GPT is an expert in estimating app development costs, whether you're looking for a freelancer, an agency or you want to hire your own internal team.

Find a Developer

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Assists in the daunting process of finding developers that help you produce software applications and integrations. There are many paths to go down and this GPT can help you customize the right path for you!

FIP Re-Entry Guide

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Support for formerly incarcerated people as they re-enter society. This GPT is in Beta, so please take care using it. Not all information may be correct, so please double check any facts it provides. And remember always, stay safe, and stay smart.

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Yes, it's cliche but it speaks to a truth: That AI will revolutionize how we all do our work. We believe that this moment in history provides a new opportunity in tech -- for non-technical entrepreneurs to unlock their potential and uncover opportunities for AI-first products. Our mission is to empower game-changers outside of Silicon Valley, bringing the expertise needed to move from prompt-to-product. Getting started is easy.

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Got a business that's tired and needs transformation, or you see an opportunity to disrupt? We can guide you on your options be it with our team or elsewhere. No strings attached, with advice prioritized over sales.

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🦾 AI R&D Prototypes

For a flat fee of $15k you'll get an intensive sprint with our team of experts. We'll focus on developing a functional prototype for validation, using 3rd Party LLMs, or setting the stage for fine tuning custom models, etc.

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