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Embark on your AI journey by taking advantage of our intro offers, running till September 2024. 

🎯 AI Intro Workshop

This Summer we're hosting free in-person workshops with our elite Product+AI team. Dependent on your current circumstance, your afternoon can take one of two formats. We offer training and tactics for bringing AI to your team, and for those that have already identified potential opportunities in AI, we'll help you turn prompt into product.

* This FREE workshop is for a limited time only.

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🦾 AI R&D Prototyping

For a flat fee of $15k we will execute an intensive sprint with our expert AI engineering team, to produce a functional prototype for validation. Using low-code and lean methods, we'll stop prompting LLMs, and start programming them.  This is a valuable precursor to MVP development, and a unique opportunity to get your AI initiative off the ground.

† Custom models or RAG implementations will require additional effort.

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While the hype is clearly AI, User Experience and True Product Development are always at the core.

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We've built our reputation through human connection and the delivery of stellar products. Check out our work and the impact, and reach out when you're ready to connect.

"They are incredibly responsive, and more than anything, very attentive. They listen to what we’re saying as opposed to telling us what they think we want to hear. Genuinely, there’s nothing I would change about 3Advance." ✨


Founder & CEO


"3Advance has the ability to uncover the hidden potential in a project, and they’ve figured out the formula for working with clients. You don't feel like you're just another problem on a list. They're invested in you and your project.“ ✨

Lacy McDowell

Strategy Advisor

AARP Foundation

"It’s in your head for so long as a concept, and then you actually begin to see it, begin to get a framework, and it becomes real. It’s really cool! People are loving it." ✨

Greg Farrand

Executive Director

Second Breath

"3Advance were instrumental in guiding us through the early phases of our concept and helped mature our ideas for our first release. They were easy to work with and the right partner to help us launch." ✨

Chris Bjornson

CIO of Accenture

TboxTour Advisor

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We believe that entrepreneurs drive the economy 💪
But being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially when you're far from the self proclaimed 'tech hubs' of NYC and SF. A successful startup requires vision, determination, and a lot of luck - as our Irish founders, Paul and Darren fully understand. We grew up in small towns in Ireland and we've made a living, not in corporate America but with small businesses that push for something greater. It's the entrepreneurs in middle America that make a difference in their communities. It's those that appreciate opportunity when it comes along.
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