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Truck Yeah! Mobile Ordering

Location 📍
Tysons Corner
Expertise 🎨
UX | UI | Swift | Kotlin
Serverless | Square API
Platforms 🤌
iOS | Android | Web | AWS

Curbside Kitchen "trucks in" the finest breakfast, lunch and dinner options for office blocks and residential buildings.

Foodtrucks are all the rage, but when you're in a random business park in suburbia, there's never been many options. Until now. Curbside Kitchen gives the people what they want, by identifying and assigning foodtrucks to buildings across the country. Starting up in the Dulles Corridor outside the DC Metro Area, Curbside Kitchen gives tenants a tasty boost while creating a unique and beneficial amenity for property managers.

An Intentional, Curated Two-Sided Market.

3Advance was hired by Curbside Kitchen in Spring 2020 just as the Covid Pandemic was taking off. What led to the demise of other food-serving businesses, was made an opportunity by Amy Katz and the Curbside team. Rushing hard to get our first product to market, we released a web-ordering portal within three months. This allowed orders to begin to flow, but the real magic happened when the first mobile apps went live in Early Fall 2020. The new iOS and Android apps were linked to via QR codes - in the buildings and on the trucks - allowing seamless access for tenants to order their food, and to be notified of their favorite trucks and locations.

The sophisticated Serverless cloud backend integrates perfectly with Square POS, the definite choice of Foodtruck owners across the country. No new devices, or complicated process needed. Data and money flows seamlessly, resulting in a Win-Win for foodtrucks and customers, and a Win-Win-Win for building managers, Curbside Kitchen, and of course, 3Advance.

"You and your team are amazing. Our foodies love having a contactless ordering solution! GREAT WORK 3A."

Amy Katz


Curbside Kitchen

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