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JUKE is an innovative Web3 Marketplace for officially licensed TV & Film Collectibles - Limited Edition NFTs on the Flow Blockchain.

Juke is a forward-thinking Web3 startup founded by a team of Hollywood professionals with extensive backgrounds in film production, financing, distribution, talent representation, and finance. Their passion for film and TV, combined with a deep understanding of the industry, drives them to create innovative solutions for fans to connect with their favorite content in more meaningful ways. Juke's vision is to empower fans with a unique platform that offers additional value through exclusive digital collectibles, event invitations, free tickets, and specialized merchandise, all while fostering a vibrant community that celebrates their shared love for film and TV.

Research. Design. Pitch. Validate. Build.

The development of Juke's platform was structured into two distinct stages to ensure a thorough understanding of the project's requirements and to create a solid foundation for success.

Stage 1 - Design & Discovery Phase (2 months)

During the initial two-month Design & Discovery Phase, our team focused on designing the user experience, pitch decks, and marketing materials for Juke's platform. We conducted extensive research and development into blockchain technology, ultimately selecting the Flow blockchain as the best fit for Juke's needs. This decision led to Dapper Labs, the creators of the Flow blockchain, becoming one of the lead investors in the project. As a result of our collaborative efforts, Juke successfully raised over $1.5M in their seed round, further validating the potential of the platform.

Stage 2 - Development Phase (12 months)

In the second phase, we employed an agile development process to iteratively build the NFT platform over the course of a year. This approach allowed us to adapt and refine the platform based on ongoing feedback and insights gathered throughout the development process. By maintaining a strong focus on user experience, functionality, and seamless integration with the Flow blockchain, we ensured that Juke's platform would provide fans with an engaging, immersive experience that would bring them closer to the world of film and TV like never before.

JUKE went live in October 2023 with exclusive artwork from the wacky 90's comedy Ace Ventura - Pet Detective. Follow-up drops have included other cult classic like Dead Ringers, and have even included IoT-connected tee-shirts with owned NFT artwork displayed on the front, and confirming NFT authenticity using embedded NFC chips.

Greg Farrand

Executive Director

Second Breath Center

"It’s in your head for so long as a concept, and then you actually begin to see it, begin to get a framework, and it becomes real. It’s really cool! Lots of great feedback. People are loving it."

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