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Portfolio \ Eyrus

Construction Analytics SaaS

Location 📍
District of Columbia
Expertise 🎨
Design | Data Visualization
Web | Angular | Serverless | IoT
Platforms 🤌
Web, AWS

Using NFC-tags on construction workers’ hard-hats, Eyrus tracks contractor time on-site and enables its clients to identify and address irregularities that can save millions of dollars per project.

An early-stage startup, Eyrus had already hired a hardware consultant who was halfway through the build of NFC-based tracking stations for tagged hardhats. With leads that could make or break the company, Eyrus needed a team – and fast – to build out the server-side infrastructure for handling the influx of data and to design a user interface for preparing project plans for their waiting clients.

The team at 3Advance stepped up to design a web-service layer that within days was receiving and processing tag readings. Off the bat, the application was to serve one of the biggest construction projects in the DC-metro area, and be scalable to thousands of sites within the US and the Middle East.

In 2016, 3Advance assisted Eyrus in the onboarding of their first full-time technical employee, and have continued to support the growth of their team and products. 3Advance then undertook a supportive role, building out new modules and functions to satisfy requirements laid our by the new CTO. The 3Advance team continued to provide design and development resources to ensure Eyrus met their product deliverable goals.

Eyrus has successfully raised multiple rounds of funding, has generated millions of dollars in revenue and is currently valued at over $50MM.

Dan Cook



"3Advance’s passion was palpable throughout the process and also fully evident in the quality of their deliverables."

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