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What's Appening Podcast 🎙️

Apple famously coined the term "there's an app for that". Well, now there's a GPT for that and here at 3Advance, we decided we needed a Podcast for that too.

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In the What's Appening podcast, we interview the creators behind GPTs on the GPT Store. You’ll know their faces, stories, and how you can maybe even turn prompts into products. The podcast is hosted By Paul Murphy (CEO of 3Advance, Master of Memes, and Creator of some not-so-well-known GPTs).

You'll love this podcast if:

You’re an entrepreneur that has or wants to start an AI business.
• You're a non-technical founder that wants the inside scoop on LLMs, Gen-AI and GPTs.
• You want to learn how to use GPTs to prototype powerful AI possibilities.
• You simply want know what’s appening over there in the GPT Store.

We love ordinary people doing extraordinary things! No silver spoon, no Harvard degree. We are about empowering entrepreneurs from wherever they are, whatever their background, and that includes the non-techies that are embracing technology. They may not have the capital, the connections, nor the college degree, but they see the future and they're making it happen.

Are you a GPT Creator and want to appear on the Pod?

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