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How much does it all cost? 💸

While every situation is different and there's always a surprise or two, we've been doing this a long time and our engagements usually fall into one of the categories below. If you're not ready to commit right now that's fine too. We're happy to advise on other options.

Discovery Springboard

Collaboratively Map a Path Forward

Why: You've got a successful business or you're trying to get a new product off the ground. You suspect your tech is holding you back though, but with so many options, you want to know where to start. You'd like to go big, but you don't want to spend wasted years or dollars trying to figure it all out. You could use some cheat-codes. You could use a team that's done it before.

What: A consulting engagement that starts with why. We'll interview your people to understand bottlenecks and potential. We'll review your software and tools, both custom and third party. We'll identify low-hanging fruit - upgrades or integrations that will improve your product and workflows. We'll provide a roadmap for digital transformation, using AI, no-code tools, and custom experiences to vastly improve your offerings. We'll supercharge you and your team with modern tech and mindset. We'll set you up for the next stage of your business.

How Much: Generally this type of project lasts exactly one month and costs a flat fee of $15,000. This may be extended if future R&D is needed, or development work is requested.

Let's talk - Springboard

Design & Prototype

Define, Validate & Fundraise

Lead time: Three weeks notice.

Why: You’ve got an idea you believe in but perhaps you need to raise funds, get user validation or buy-in from other stakeholders. You hope to develop the application as soon as possible, but it needs to be the right solution.

What: This design process will involve research, user experience and product design, with branding, landing page and pitch deck. Then we’ll create a professionally designed clickable prototype showing all the major functionality of your future app, to put in the hands of future users to test and provide feedback. Alternatively we cut straight to the chase, and use low-code tools to produce a simplistic, functional prototype of your future app. Though not suitable for mass market, this will allow you to run marketing and product market tests before embarking on full development.

How Much: The typical cost for this engagement is $30,000. This may increase as high as $60,000 if there are multiple platforms, or deeper technology (AI, Blockchain, Integrations) to investigate. Typically this process lasts four to eight weeks. Design is not linear, so this is why we allow two months from start to finish.

Let's talk - Design

MVP Development

Launch your Product ASAP

Why: You've got a good idea of what you’re looking for, you’re familiar with platforms (web/mobile/web3) and you would like your first product live this year. You’ve got initial funding secured, and you're here with conviction - laser focused on launching as quickly as possible with a solid go-to-market product offering.

What: A fully designed web application or mobile app, submitted and launched in the AppStore and/or Google Play. It will include all the features you feel you need to get initial traction, and likely also includes onboarding/tutorials, marketing website and administrative panel. This custom user experience will be aligned with your brand, that we can help you design or refine, and while we are developing the MVP, you are planning to focus on marketing strategy for acquiring your first users.

How Much: Our minimum engagement for development of one app is $30,000. It's very rare this happens, but if it is a standalone simple app, it's possible. More likely, we're developing more complex apps that require a cloud database and API, with an administrative panel for management. The cost for development usually ranges from $150,000 to $300,000. When we learn more about your plans we will provide costs and a timeline that suits your budget and your launch goals.

Let's talk - MVPs

True Agile Partnership

Long-Term Collaborative Relationship

Why: You know what we stand for, and what you can accomplish together. You're ready to work with a true partner that can deliver maximum value, and you're ready to invest in that. You want to be working with us day-in, day-out, on monthly cadence, determining at each stage what's best for your business, whether you’re already live, or you're going from zero-to-one. You’ve got funding secured, and you may even be open to us investing in your next round.

What: In this case your deliverables are totally dependent on your current goals and opportunities. Perhaps we need a low-code website launched to satisfy a specific short term business opportunity, or you have competing needs that will need be balanced, in parallel or in a sequence that might change. Your product might be live already, and we'll refactor for scale, starting with your most pressing concerns. We're your team for the long haul. This is a partnership that we expect to last for years, where are mutual success hinges on each other.

How Much: The monthly costs are dependent on strategic goals and roadmap. Typical monthly costs range from $30,000 to $60,000 and our team's time is assigned to the project based on that month's spend. This will be flexible ongoing, but upfront we will, together, decide what the first few months should look like in terms of cost and accomplishments.

Let's talk - Partnership


You’ve got an idea you believe in but you need to raise funds and/or or you want user validation of your solution. You may expect to go to MVP development quickly, but it’s possible you first host user testing groups, either with our assistance or otherwise.


A professionally designed clickable prototype showing all the major functionality of your future app, to put in the hands of future users to test and provide feedback. We will do user experience and visual app design, with branding and pitch deck templates.A low-code implementation of the core functionality - for example, a basic website that provides the core functionality of your future app, but is not scalable, re-usable or meant for mass market. If suitable, it will allow you to run marketing and product market tests before embarking on full development.

Typical Cost

Cost: $15k-45k
Timeline: 1-2 Months.