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TriAxle is a two-sided marketplace that brings construction professionals together - through trading resources and jobsite communication.

Matt Williams spent 25 years in diversified construction services, material processing, sales, and logistics before developing the concept that would become TriAxle. Matt started MHW Companies back in 2002 in the hills around Scranton, Pennsylvania and earned a formidable reputation in construction, landscaping and dockworks. He knows his industry, and he knows his people. While others simply complained about how hard it is to find (or get rid of) clean fill, Matt saw an opportunity.

TriAxle is the ultimate network for contractors, enabling communication between team members and other contracting firms.  TriAxle offers the ability to share and trade resources, from clean fill to equipment, expertise and a lot more.

Come for the tool. Stay for the network.

TriAxle was the first project at 3Advance where we truly took a focused product approach. Since 2010, most of our clients have hired us to build apps. But it’s not just about the apps. Most startups fail, and most apps die. With a strategic focus on user acquisition, retention, analytics, and marketing automation, TriAxle has been given the chance to make a huge impact in the space.

TriAxle includes a free suite of calculators every contractor needs and the simple project management tools that provide value as the network grows. But of course, the real power is in the network. Two months from launch, TriAxle had already accrued over 1000 unique company profiles along the East Coast, and it continues to grow.

Matt Williams

CEO & Co-Founder


"It's been a great team effort bringing this to life! And we're just getting started."

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