We are a team, not a vendor. We work closely together with you on product development – through design, application development and launch strategy. We have brought hundreds of apps to market and our past experience can help you avoid the pitfalls while driving true success. We will not only ensure your tech is strong, we will advise on strategic decision making so you are fully armed for the biggest challenge – building a business.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurial leaders, and with our passion for technology, bring their vision to life.

We are expert app developers but this isn’t just about our expertise with native and cross-platform apps. Our expertise is in cloud infrastructure and scaling: Serverless on AWS, and on the major blockchains. We are experts in product development, guiding your user experience and go-to-market strategy to make sure you’ve got the best chance of success. Our design and branding is clean, modern and professional – just check out our work. Our front-end development expertise includes Javascript for React (Web) and React Native (iOS and Android), in addition to Swift (Native iOS) and Kotlin (Native Android).

Our agile process is designed around monthly sprints and is all about collaboration, laser-focus and most importantly for you – deliverables. Our goal is to get you to market as quickly as possible. With lean startup principles and user experience at the forefront, we will develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), then continue to iterate and improve to rocket-fuel your growth.

We’re straight-up from the beginning: It costs $30k per month to hire your team. If you “bring your own backend” we may get your app to market within that first month. Our typical engagements require more expertise, from UX design to cloud API development, native mobile and web apps. We’ll help you decide what you need to launch. Your success will bring us more business, so we want to get you to market quickly without overspending.

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“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”

– Aristotle, sometime before the iPhone was released, talking about the 3Advance team.

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We're constantly looking for the best and brightest - in Washington DC, Chicago IL, in Northern Ireland or anywhere else! If you've got a love for product development and value a positive, empowering working culture, then get in touch, we'd love to meet you!

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Our Core Values

We are honest and open, and we hold nothing back. We prioritize advice over sales, believing what goes around, comes around.

We are strongest as a team. Relationships matter, and our team matters most. We thrive on trust and respect, and strive to earn it from the outset.

We never stop learning, and continually strive to improve - in process, technology, empowerment and diversity.

We choose clients we believe in. We are inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit - putting it all on the line to make their environment better.

We have a passion for tech and build apps we intend to maintain. We take great pride in our final product, and also the underlying code.

We believe that we prosper when our clients prosper, and our clients prosper when their users prosper... Hence, 3Advance.

It takes a village team.

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It takes a village team.

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