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Google Glitches 🤖🤦🏻‍♂️




May 28, 2024



In this week’s What’s Appening, we cover the issues facing Google Search. AI Overview was supposed to breathe new life into Google’s flagship product, but it has been ridiculed for providing weird answers, not least recommending putting glue in pizza to make it extra-stretchy. This is a big problem for Google as it chases OpenAI, and there aren’t any easy fixes. Elsewhere, we look at the news on xAI’s big raise, Canva Create 2024, Spotify pulling the plug on Car Thing, and finally, and we mean finally(!) the DOJ is suing Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Our Stat looks at the big revenues for Nvidia. And What’s dAppening wonders what the Ethereum ETFs mean for web3 innovation.

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Our Top Take 🎬

😲🍕 Google – AI Summaries Becomes PR Disaster after Crazy Answers

Did you know you can make your pizza cheese extra stretchy by adding glue? I bet you weren’t aware that President Andrew Johnson (d.1875) gained a degree from the University of Wisconsin in 2012. How about the dog that once played in the NHL? These are just some of the answers provided by Google’s new flagship search feature, AI Overview. We know, of course, where Google is going wrong, as many of these patently ludicrous stories can be directly traced back to platforms like Reddit and YouTube where the AI is getting its data from. It raises questions about the ability of AI models to distinguish between fact and fiction, quality sources and, er, Reddit shitposters. Yet, it’s also another embarrassment for Google coming mere months after the Gemini image generator disaster. An ex-employee has accused Google of flapping around in a stone-cold panic in its efforts to catch OpenAI, which, Scarlett Johansson mimicry aside, seems to have smooth sailing for every product launch. And here's the kicker: Google CEO Sundar Pichai says there is no easy solution to fix this. #PizzaGlue Read more here.

🦾 GPT of the Week: VacayGPT → Vacay Chatbot

This week’s GPT is a great example of how prompt becomes product. This week in our What’s Appening Podcast we interview the creator of Vacay, Imtiaz Hasan who talks about his journey, his community and the GPT business he now runs! You can watch Imtiaz speak with Paul and Raf on YouTube or listen along on your favorite podcast platform (Spotify, Amazon, Apple).

🎨 Canva Showcases Magic Updates at Create 2024. Canva, the graphics design platform, had its annual event on Thursday, showing off a host of new updates. There were so many (impressive) new features that they have deemed it the “New Canva”. Details here.

💰Elon Musk Secures $6 Billion Funding for xAI. We still wouldn’t bet against Elon Musk making an impression on the AI arms race, not least as its models can access the treasure trove of Twitter data and Musk’s willingness to take risks. Investors seem to think so too. Details on new funding here.

📻 Spotify Discontinues Car Thing, Enraging Users. Users of Spotify’s Car Thing gadget are up in arms after the company decided to end support for the device. They will be rendered unusable by December 2024. They want refunds. It’s not a good look if Spotify refuses to pay. More here.

⚖️ DOJ Wants Ticketmaster and Live Nation to Uncouple. Tickets are too expensive, right? The DOJ thinks so, too. It is investigating Live Nation for antitrust violations, believing it hikes up prices through its merger with Ticketmaster. Find out more here.

🧐 Stat of the Week: 262%

📈💵 Nvidia – Stock Soars After AI-Fueled Revenues Beat Expectations

You could feel Wall Street holding its collective breath for Nvidia’s three-month financial report (Thursday). It was a kind of bellwether for both stocks and the health of the AI & chip sectors. No need to panic, though, as Nvidia blew it out of the water, announcing record revenues – up more than 262% from a year previously. By the way, it was up 265% in the previous quarter. The chips and AI juggernaut shows no signs of slowing down. #AIBoom Read more here.

🕸️ What’s dAppening?

🪙🤝 ETH – Ethereum ETFs Are Given SEC Approval to Start Trading

We were slightly surprised about this one. Sure, the Bitcoin ETFs were a big deal, and many thought an exchange-traded fund for Ethereum was inevitable. However, SEC Chair Gary Gensler has always been critical of Ethereum (and other crypto in general). Nonetheless, we are here, and the big question for us is what it will mean for web3 building. As Ethereum’s price rises (as it is likely to do), it becomes more expensive as a development platform. The ETFs could be a win for investors, but for web3 innovation, perhaps not so much. #ETHETF Read more here.

Meanwhile at 3Advance...

This week we’re talking about the highlight of our year — the fundraiser and app launch for Pulse of Perseverance (P3) and the new app for connecting underrepresented youth with the mentorship that can be so incredibly valuable. The app went live just in time for the event, and thanks to a little extra legwork by the 3A team, two weeks ahead of schedule! 😅. Last week, Paul traveled to Chicago to meet with Darren and hit up the “Clutches & Kicks” event, organized by the amazing Dr. Max Madhere, Dr. Pierre Johnson, Dr. Joe Semien and P3 COO, Ingrid Clay. The event was an unparalleled insight into the work the P3 team has done and continues to do. After writing a bestselling book of the same name, the Pulse of Perseverance project continues to make an impact through motivation, mentorship, scholarships and more. During the event we learned more about the P3 scholarship program and were introduced to some of the latest recipients. We are so proud and humbled by this experience, with all this only matched by the excitement and commitment we have to support the P3 team in their mission - to revolutionize mentoring for underrepresented youth. Please head on over to to learn more about this incredible organization and how to donate to support their cause.

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