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The GPT Economy 💰🏗️




April 2, 2024



In this week’s What’s Appening, we cover OpenAI’s pilot revenue-sharing scheme with GPT creators. While the announcement was light on details, it’s clearly an exciting moment for those of us who see the potential of GPTs and the new economy of microservices. We also have news on the rise of Palmsy, a kind of unsocial social media app that generates fake likes and keeps everything on your phone. We have stories on Amazon’s Anthropic investment, Facebook data sharing, and Gmail’s birthday. Our Stat of the Week looks at the Stargate Data Center. What’s dAppening covers the merging of 3 crypto products to offer a decentralized AI alternative. And our GPT of the Week tackles the problem of AI writing looking a bit too robotic.

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Our Top Take 🎬

🤑🤖 GPTs – OpenAI Announces Pilot Scheme for Revenue Sharing

We’ve been waiting eagerly for the GPT Store to start paying out creators. With so much innovation and so many fantastic GPTs, it’s time those creators get rewarded for their efforts. Of course, you could go full 3Advance and convert your custom GPT into a mobile app but that’s not for everyone. Finally, OpenAI is making good on its promise by facilitating direct monetization on the GPT Store. It will start with a limited pilot scheme in the US, working with GPT builders on revenue sharing based on their engagement. It’s clearly a fact-finding mission, and unfortunately, we still lack the detail but it’s exciting for the thousands of builders (OpenAI prefers this term to creators) who have already launched GPTs. This concept of microservices for hire could bring much more revenue in the future, but the opportunity is nigh to get in on the ground floor, so get building. Oh, and another bit of good news from OpenAI. ChatGPT is now available to the masses without the need for an account or login. So I guess this is how we get our non-techie friends hooked on ChatGPT without having to sign-up first. Nice. #MoneyGPTs Read more here.

🦾 GPT of the Week: Humanizer Pro

This week’s Custom GPT is Humanizer Pro by Hmmm, how do you solve a problem created by AI? With more AI, of course. Humanizer Pro is part of a wave of new GPTs designed to transform your initial AI-written content into something more human-like. It can even bypass AI detectors. Now, kids, we aren’t saying to use this to spoof your college professor (please don’t), but we do see its usefulness in polishing up AI-generated marketing and website content. Check it out here.

📱🩷 Palmsy – Introducing the “Unsocial” Social Media App

If BeReal was considered the first social media app to invert our expectations, what can we say about Palmsy? ‘Unsocial’ media has been the most common term used by tech journals to describe Palmsy, but we like to think see it as a social media simulator. Palmsy is essentially a journaling app, allowing you to create posts and add photos as you would in a social media account. You can also generate (fake) likes from your phone’s contact list. It is, as we said, a simulator that generates the social media experience without the pressures of real-life interactions. So, why is Palmsy trending? And why would you download it? Like BeReal, it is a rebuttal to the Instagramification of society, but it goes one step further than BeReal in simulating social media without any external judgment. There’s a lot to like about it, not least the fact that Palmsy does not collect ANY data. But whether it’s a passing fad or here for the long term remains to be seen. #PalmSocial Read more here.

💵 Amazon Makes Huge Investment in Anthropic. Originally announced in September, Amazon has completed its $4 billion investment in Anthropic, the company behind Claude AI, the AI assistant tipped to offer a serious challenge to ChatGPT. Details here.

🕵️‍♀️ Facebook Allegedly Gave Your Messaging Data to Netflix. Court documents revealed a deal between Meta and Netflix, with the former allowing the latter to view your DMs data to better understand how to tailor content. Unsurprising? No. Get the full story here.

🎂 Gmail Celebrates 20th Birthday. On April 1st, 2004, Gmail was born. At the time, everyone thought its 1GB of storage data was part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke. It wasn’t, and Gmail soon captured around 70% of the market. Get more here.

🧐 Stat of the Week: 70%

🖥️🤝 AI – OpenAI and Microsoft Reportedly Plan “Stargate” Data Center

The massive demand for AI services has accelerated the need for AI-focused data centers, so it’s no surprise to see OpenAI and Microsoft reportedly getting busy on that front. Yet, Stargate, as the project has been called, is not your run-of-the-mill data center: it’s more an enormous supercomputer costing up to $115 billion – about 100 times more than a typical data center. There are hurdles – such a project may require nuclear power to function, according to Forbes – but this shows just how much ambition (and moolah) we are going to need for a gen AI future. Stargate is expected to be completed by 2028. #Stargate Read more here.

🕸️ What’s dAppening?

🪙3️⃣ ASI – 3 Crypto Projects Merge to Form AI Alliance

While the web3 world focused largely on SBF’s sentencing this week, we’d argue that the bigger story was the announcement of the AI Alliance, a merging of three distinct crypto projects and their tokens –, Ocean Protocol, and SingularityNET. The new crypto token will have the ticker ASI. It’s unprecedented to see three crypto projects merge, but their stated goal of creating a decentralized AI movement away from the grasp of Big Tech is the key aspect of the announcement. There isn’t yet a coherent blueprint of what the AI Alliance wants to do beyond broad statements like offering more data transparency to the AI space. But we will keep an eye on this one. Fetch and Ocean, in particular, were big players in crypto in their own right. Can they provide real blockchain utility to this brave new world of AI? #AIAlliance Read more here.

Meanwhile at 3Advance 3Adventures...

As some of you know, 3Advance has a sister company, namely 3Adventures. Our co-owners Darren and Paul set up 3Adventures as the investment wing of 3Advance back in 2021. We invest in early-stage startups, either directly, like Juke (a Web3 startup client of ours) or through investment funds whose mission we align with. Through and, we have invested in dozens of other startups, including Beehiiv, the email marketing platform used to send this email. 🙌 We are now turning our attention to our home country of Ireland. 🇮🇪 Through 3Adventures, we are founding members of the all new Digital Irish Fund that is focused on supporting entrepreneurs from our home country. This is something near and dear to our hearts, and we are excited to be helping Irish founders expand to the United States. To learn more check out (the website 3Advance recently designed) and if you are interested in investing in Irish startups, or your Irish startup needs funding, get in touch with the [email protected].

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