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Weight Loss through Awareness

Location 📍
Expertise 🎨
Branding | Design | UX 
React Native | Serverless
Platforms 🤌
iOS | Android | AWS

A New Way to Love Your Body.

No Weigh is a whole-person approach that treats weight loss as one part of a person’s life, interconnected with everything else that person values. No Weigh uses mindfulness and self-reflection to understand the problem from a behavioral perspective. Users experience an enhanced self awareness like never before.

The app is availlable now for iPhone and Android.

For more information, just ask or read our Clutch client review here.

Greg Farrand

Executive Director

Second Breath Center

"It’s in your head for so long as a concept, and then you actually begin to see it, begin to get a framework, and it becomes real. It’s really cool! Lots of great feedback. People are loving it."

Try it out!